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Adult weekend = people eating fruits and vegetables!

Today is the first full day of adult weekend, which is like a regular camp session where the campers are all — as the name implies — adults. Food during adult weekend is far more complex than during an ordinary … Continue reading

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Cinnamon rolls!

The session is over! I am so tired. This morning, Maia and I cooked the last meal of the session, which was cinnamon rolls. They required a lot of effort last night, but this morning all we had to do … Continue reading

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Bagel bagel bagel

We have a new game here. It involves replacing all of the nouns in a song with the word “bagel,” an invention of David. For example, the song from which the title of this blog comes, Mrs. Murphy’s chowder: Won’t … Continue reading

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Black bean burgers, (pig roast), and “curry paste”

Yesterday was the river trip, which meant that I did not have to cook dinner, because there was a cookout. Usually a cookout involves just hamburgers, but this time, Owen, Eric, and Daniel roasted a pig on a spit, over … Continue reading

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Bowl Of Processed Foodstuffs! (Guest Post)

This isn’t Rachel, it’s David.  This is a guest post, it was important to Rachel that I mention that this is a guest post, and  so I plan to do so on several  occasions.  The reasoning behind this will be … Continue reading

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Three kinds of cake, plus oatmeal

I love cinnamon. Cinnamon makes nearly everything taste really really delicious. This morning we made potato onion frittata from Joy the Baker’s recipe, so I had some oatmeal. Of course I included cinnamon, plus maple syrup and blackberries. I am … Continue reading

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Peanut noodles, cheese thing, or pasta — lots!

We have been making so much pasta! The good news is that we’re much better at making pasta than we were back when we made the pasta salad. Back then we tried to cram 10 lbs of pasta into one … Continue reading

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