Welcome to West Virginia

How do I begin?

My name is Rachel. I have been working at a nature camp in West Virginia for the past few years. This summer I’m cooking for the second two-week session, which starts on Wednesday. It’s a relatively small camp, with about 40 campers and 20 staff members. Still, cooking for 60 people is really different from what I usually do, which is cook for 1 person, myself. To make matters more interesting, I’m a vegan, and there is a wide range of eating habits among staff and campers, including several voracious meat eaters.

Yesterday ties with every other closing day for the longest day of my life. I woke up at 7, ate breakfast (including coffee), helped 17 girls with the average age of 12 pack all of their belongings, waited for all 37 campers to be picked up, ate lunch, had a meeting, went for a run, then cooked dinner. Hilmi and I made spaghetti with meat or vegetarian tomato sauce, and a salad, which I spent most of my time on. The salad used up leftover vegetables from the cookout we had the last night of the session, and some fresh lettuce and cilantro from Vini’s garden.  It was pretty simple, but delicious. Here’s the picture:

There are batteries in the picture because my camera was out of batteries. Also, David informs me that he’s good at taking pictures, and we established that I’m sort of bad at it, so I’m going to relinquish photography responsibility to him. Obviously I’m pretty new to the blogging concept, but we’ll figure this out.

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2 Responses to Welcome to West Virginia

  1. echidnaboy726 says:

    You most certainly are NOT new to blogging!

  2. cockrocket says:

    i need a recipe for echidnas

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