pizza night!

I was about to apologize for leaving the blog for so long, but it’s only been two days … time passes so weirdly here and the first week of the session feels like an eternity. I haven’t been taking any pictures at all, I’m afraid. Last night we made a stir fry — I know they aren’t terribly exciting, but stir fry is probably my favorite food ever. I like to put peanuts on my stir fry, so I sent out a dish of dry roasted peanuts for each table. There weren’t very many leftovers at all, which made me happy. Then for lunch today we made split pea soup. We spliced together the recipes from the original Moosewood cookbook and The Joy of Cooking, with terrific results. In spite of the fact that we made 60 servings and we currently have 57 people here, there was a ridiculous amount left in the end. I personally did my part by eating two bowls … just doing my duty to limit food waste!

Tonight Maia and I made pizza, and it ended up being incredibly stressful. Yesterday we started out with the dough, which we made from scratch only because we forgot to check if we had pizza dough before phoning in the food order. Oops! We followed the recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance though, which is really helpful, and we had a great time punching the dough after it rose, so not all was lost. We finally had a meal where we ran out of food! This was probably due to two factors:

(1) We accidentally burned two of the pizzas. Our bad.
(2) I stole some of the dough in order to make a vegan focaccia type of thing with olives, rosemary, olive oil, and coarse salt. That was kind of worth it.

Usually pizza night dissolves into chaos as campers scramble around to grab seconds, thirds, fourths, etc., but we ended up only having enough pizza for each camper to have three pieces. We also ran out of cheese pretty quickly. I felt bad at first, but honestly, three pieces is plenty.

Tomorrow we’re all leaving for our three-day backpacking trips, so I’ll take yet another hiatus. When I get back I’ll let you know how the whole being vegan in the wilderness thing goes. Probably fine.

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