tacos — lots!

I have pictures again! This was the result of the following conversation with my sister:

Emily: It smells good in here
Me: Do you have a camera?
Emily: Yes
Me: Can you go get it?

We all returned in one piece from backpacking. I didn’t have much of a struggle at all finding acceptable things to eat, because most of what we eat is bread products and peanut butter — I ate so much peanut butter!

The night we got back Daniel and Bridget, who are excellent, made dinner for us, eggplant and chicken parmesan. Then this morning we made lemon poppy seed muffins from Joy the Baker’s recipe. We followed the recipe pretty precisely, but ended up adding a few extra poppy seeds. They looked incredibly delicious, and there were far fewer leftover than when we made blueberry muffins. Lunch was chicken patties, which have quite a cult following around here. I had leftover split pea soup.

Last session, a camper put in the suggestion box “tacos — lots!” and that’s what we had for dinner. We made a ridiculous array of fillings, but a really good quantity, and we have very little food leftover — a success!

Because of the vast number of taco fillings, a challenge of this meal was keeping everything warm until it was ready to serve, and having everything cooked by 6:00 with limited cooking space. A solution we often employ is to stack bowls of things on the top of the stove because it is warm up there. We also put things up there to defrost. Relatedly, today at lunch we had bags of frozen broccoli up there, and one fell behind the stove. While I was trying to get it, I leaned my knee against the oven, which was heating chicken patties at the time, and I burned myself. I tried to get a picture of the burn, but then I decided that was too weird.

Did you know that leaving the pit of the avocado in the guacamole until right before serving preserves the green color? Admittedly I did squeeze a lime in there, which may have helped, but Maia told me about this trick and it really worked.

Each table got:
1. guacamole
2. taco shells
3. black beans
4. fajita vegetables, as in the picture — we added mushrooms at the last minute
5. guacamole
6. cheese (shredded cheddar)
7. sour cream
8. salsa
9. white rice
10. taco meat, aka ground beef plus onions and tomatoes in a pot
11. corn on the cob

Then we put cilantro from Vini’s garden on the counter, which approximately 2 people came up to get. I have big plans for the leftover corn and cilantro, and a number ten can of black beans. Get excited for that.

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