Bagel bagel bagel

We have a new game here. It involves replacing all of the nouns in a song with the word “bagel,” an invention of David. For example, the song from which the title of this blog comes, Mrs. Murphy’s chowder:

Won’t you bring back
(won’t you bring back)
Mrs. Bagel’s bagel
You can rack it
You can stack it
All around the bagel
The bagel died today
We found him right away
In a bagel of Mrs. Bagel’s bagel

… so that’s delightful!

The original plan for breakfast this morning was pumpkin bread, but we could not purchase pumpkin in cans because apparently there is a pumpkin shortage on. I was totally unaware of this fact, what a shame! When that wasn’t going to work out we decided that we would bake a coffee cake, because coffee cake is delicious. However, all of the recipes we found were really complicated, involving several layers of different things, or multiple yeast rises, so we decided to not. Instead, we took all of the bagels out of the freezer, slightly more than one per person, and defrosted them. Easy easy easy. Here is a picture of all of the leftovers:

That is an ideal amount of leftovers, in my opinion. For lunch — our last lunch! — we’re making the lentil soup from the Moosewood cookbook, plus cheddar cheese biscuits and a salad.

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2 Responses to Bagel bagel bagel

  1. The Moosewood cookbook is one of m favorites!! our bagels made me remember that I
    wanted to make some, so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. says:

    I love this bagel so much… it made me laugh. I’m back home sitting in my bagels and missing you bagels and have never commented on a bagel before… this is fun!

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