Black bean burgers, (pig roast), and “curry paste”

Yesterday was the river trip, which meant that I did not have to cook dinner, because there was a cookout. Usually a cookout involves just hamburgers, but this time, Owen, Eric, and Daniel roasted a pig on a spit, over coals. This is their third such roast, so they pretty much have it down by now. I didn’t take any pictures, but other people did, so perhaps they will appear here later.

In addition to roasted pig, hot dogs, chicken, and veggie burgers were available. The veggie burgers we get aren’t vegan, so in order to solve that problem and to alleviate the other problem of our leftovers fridge bursting at the seams, I mixed together some rice and black beans from taco night with some corn starch to make black bean burgers. They weren’t that solid (as in they were slightly mushy until I froze them or fried them), but they ended up delicious.

Today for breakfast we just had oatmeal, which was super easy, and for lunch we had quesadillas, which were also super simple. Last night Maia made a corn and bean salad with red bell peppers, lemon juice, olive oil, cilantro, and white onions. I loved it, which was good, because that was all Cynthia and I ate for lunch. Well, plus the bowl of leftover peanut noodles.

For dinner we made a Thai red coconut milk curry. It wasn’t my most spectacularly achieved curry, but delicious nonetheless. It was really encouraging to see even the most finicky of eaters at least trying it, in spite of the fact that it is full of vegetables. The curry suffered from lack of curry paste, which is due to kind of a funny story. When Eric was coming to camp for the pig roast, we asked him to pick up curry paste, because the nearest actual grocery store is about half an hour away. He couldn’t find it, so he asked the manager, who helpfully suggested almond paste … really not the same thing at all! Luckily, Vini had a little bit, but I still had to improvise a little bit. Combining every recipe for Thai red curry paste I could find on foodgawker, plus the fact that we don’t have limes or lemongrass or shallots, I came up with something. I’m not about to post the recipe because it was not quite right, and there are plenty of actual recipes online, but I will show you this rather ludicrous picture of my desperate attempt to create a curry-paste-like substance. At least it worked way better than almond paste.


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