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An eggless EBF and some EBF-less campers

I love Moosewood so much that I feel comfortable calling the Enchanted Broccoli Forrest by its nickname, the EBF. We were running low on eggs so I made it without the eggs. In spite of the fact that it is … Continue reading

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Picky campers and peanut butter everything

Every night we go through the suggestions in the suggestion box, which are a combination of things campers legitimately want, and things staff think will be funny to have everyone hear. The other night I got a legitimate one from … Continue reading

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Macaroni and cheese, by popular demand

I was planning on making Cheese Thing for dinner last night, but a) Staff don’t really like it b) Campers dislike tomatoes c) Dishwashers hate it because it involves baking things in hard-to-clean pans d) It’s complicated e) Someone put … Continue reading

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Cute food: Alphabet soup and star-shaped biscuits

My day was made this morning! I got really excited about the star-shaped biscuits I was making for breakfast, and one of the campers saw them and exclaimed, “they’re star shaped!” In fact, they all reacted appropriately excitedly. I was … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was pizza night. To cater to the kids’ tastes, we made 5 cheese pizzas: … and four pepperoni pizzas: We made some more exciting ones, too, like one with pineapple, and a vegetable one … Continue reading

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Pizza eve disaster!

OH MAN. Chicken strips seemed like a good idea, but they just did not happen at all. There aren’t any pictures because they are really ugly. When I took them out of the oven, they looked like they just had … Continue reading

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Risotto is easy

There. I said it — risotto is easy. I was expecting it to be really tough and time-consuming, so I started cooking dinner at like 3:30 (giving myself three hours to cook), which was way way way too early. My … Continue reading

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Lasagna and crisp

Lately I have been baking things in pans. Last night for dinner I made lasagna. We had a leftover meat lasagna that Annie and Anna made last session, which was good news for me because it meant I just had … Continue reading

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Split pea soup mashup

The title of this post makes my soup seem really gross and mushy, but that’s not what I mean. I took two recipes for split pea soup, one from Joy of Cooking and one from Moosewood, and I took elements … Continue reading

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And Lentil Stew

I’m back! Third session is over, and we’re now training for junior session. Rather than the normal 11-15, for junior session the kids are 8-10. They are adorable but they don’t eat much! What they do eat overlaps very little … Continue reading

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