Risotto is easy

There. I said it — risotto is easy. I was expecting it to be really tough and time-consuming, so I started cooking dinner at like 3:30 (giving myself three hours to cook), which was way way way too early. My chicken was done at like 4:00.

When I saw those burned bits I had a minor freakout, but all of the chicken was eaten, so I’m sure it wasn’t that bad. I did a bit of scrubbing, and they all came off just fine.

Corinne made the white bean salad in this post, which was delicious. The dill and cherry tomatoes were from Vini’s garden … I am super jazzed about using garden produce all of the time. I want to grow basil at least next year in my apartment.

Once again, I got some more basil. You would, too, if you were in my situation!

The risotto I made was the same one that Anna made for adult weekend, but I used up some a) whipping cream b) ricotta cheese c) cream cheese that I had no plans of using by putting them in. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend doing that, because risotto is plenty creamy as it is. I kind of regret not making it vegan and just giving people cheese to put on themselves, but I’m sure I’ll have more opportunities for risotto in my future life.

17 out of the 18 bouillon cubes I used … the last one was in my hand at the time. Fun fact — the chicken flavored bouillon cubes we have are vegan. The vegetable ones we have are not. So that’s cool.

Really, all you have to do is pour some broth on the rice, stir it as it soaks in, then as soon as it isn’t liquidy anymore, repeat. Then once there’s no more liquid to add, put in the cheese (if you so desire). DONE.

Tonight Jessie (who also has a blog!) and I have big plans to make cookies and then link to each other’s blogs.

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