Pizza eve disaster!

OH MAN. Chicken strips seemed like a good idea, but they just did not happen at all. There aren’t any pictures because they are really ugly. When I took them out of the oven, they looked like they just had flour dumped on them; they were not crispy whatsoever. Next time I try to bake breaded chicken — which may never happen again — I will use cornflakes or something crispier, not just flour. Gross.

Mashed potatoes and creamed spinach looked delicious, though. Kids eat those things. I could eat zero things in this meal, so I had leftover white bean salad, and leftover green beans. Delicious, vegan, and (redundantly) not laden with butter.

Tonight we’re having pizza. The dough is currently still a little bit frozen, plus it expanded dramatically in the freezer, engulfing a couple of glow sticks that happened to be in there. Why? Well we had a techno rave the first day of intersession. No big deal. I’m not sure why they were in the freezer specifically.

I’ll try to take pictures of pizza, or of anything.

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