So, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was pizza night. To cater to the kids’ tastes, we made 5 cheese pizzas:

… and four pepperoni pizzas:

We made some more exciting ones, too, like one with pineapple, and a vegetable one using the excessive amount of mushrooms we have, and a Greek one with feta cheese and fresh basil from the garden. When I was chopping it, I made a friend!

… he’s a caterpillar.

We even made a vegan pizza, which completely destroys the idea that vegan food is healthy. Let me walk you through this one.

1) Pizza dough. SO GOOD.

2) Put chocolate chips in it, as if it were a chocolate chip pancake, or cookie.

3) Spread peanut butter on as if it were sauce. Not natural peanut butter, Skippy.

What up, Maddie!

4) Now chocolate sauce. You can’t have a pizza without sauce.

5) Now crunch Oreos on the top, preferably double stuff. And on half, put a banana. Then sprinkle it with cinnamon. And then add some crumbs from the leftover animal crackers … why not?

… so that was MY dinner. So as you can see, vegan food is not always healthy!

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