An eggless EBF and some EBF-less campers

I love Moosewood so much that I feel comfortable calling the Enchanted Broccoli Forrest by its nickname, the EBF. We were running low on eggs so I made it without the eggs. In spite of the fact that it is predominantly broccoli, cheese, and rice, still not all the campers liked it! Those who didn’t eat it got to have extremely mushy rice that was not thoroughly heated … but they didn’t care.

The EBFs were soooooooo cute. I want to make a vegan one because garlic + dill + onion + rice + broccoli sounds delicious. Plus cuteness requires no butter.

I also made some potato rolls using some leftover mashed potatoes (that many campers initially rejected). Unlike the potatoes in their original form, these got rejected by zero campers! Every camper likes bread products.

… that one is (accidentally) shaped like a heart; how adorable.

We also made a salad (not pictured). Evidently campers enjoy vegetables in the form of salad, probably due to the croutons and the salad dressing  and the fact that the texture is crisp and the colors are bright. They like fruit for the same reason.

This morning we had cinnamon rolls. This time I followed the Pioneer Woman’s recipe, for the most part. Next time I make cinnamon rolls, I’m not going to follow a recipe, I’m just going to make up my own, because all of the ones I’ve used have been imperfect in some ways.

For lunch we were going to make sandwiches, but then I decided to make lasagna instead. I used up most of the leftover spinach and put it in the cheese (sneaky!). For the sauce I used the meat sauce we froze second session. For vegetarians, I re-heated the leftover lasagna that I made for staff. It was a relatively stress-free meal. Tonight is the cookout, then tomorrow for breakfast we’re having cereal, so I’m pretty much done cooking. I keep being sad then remembering that I get to cook for myself all next year!

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