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rough week!

Hello all. This week was a bummer. On Monday I went to see a nutritionist, who is super nice and helpful. Apparently, though, I need to be eating about three times as much protein as I currently do. She also … Continue reading

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A whole block of tofu, some nutmeg, and a zucchini

Good morning all. I’m back in Ann Arbor with a wicked cold, eating plum-blackberry crisp. I make crisp all the time at camp, so I thought it would be a nice breakfast for myself. I had some blackberries that were … Continue reading

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Greetings from Virginia!

Hello all. I am blogging on Location in scenic Williamsburg, Virginia. From what I have seen, Williamsburg consists of a train station, a college campus, and a whole bunch of historical buildings. I like it. Last week I had a … Continue reading

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Pancakes, eggplant, bake sale, and salad

Happy Sunday everyone! This was a bad week in terms of stress, but an excellent week in terms of food. I kicked things off last Sunday by making lots and lots of pancakes. If the one on the bottom looks … Continue reading

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Grains, vegetables, and legumes

… that’s what I eat! This week I started off with, as promised, some vegetables put in an oven. In this case, I was using the cinnamon squash recipe from Bok Choy Bohemia. I changed it by not putting apples … Continue reading

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