Grains, vegetables, and legumes

… that’s what I eat!

This week I started off with, as promised, some vegetables put in an oven. In this case, I was using the cinnamon squash recipe from Bok Choy Bohemia. I changed it by not putting apples in, because I have convinced myself that I don’t like baked apples. That is probably not true, so I should try that at some point. I ate it over quinoa. Incidentally, my parents were here for this, and they loved it. The picture is of my mom’s plate.

Then I made a stir fry. Boring, yeah yeah, but delicious.

Deliciousness is the most important part of cooking, in my opinion. Deliciousness is an all-encompassing quality. I tried to go middle eastern and make mujadarra (a dish with like 1000 different variations … I used this recipe as a guideline, and added in the cumin and cinnamon, about half a teaspoon of each. Then I used the recipe for Baba Ghanoush from Vegan Planet, with great success. I only had one eggplant, so I had to significantly trim down the recipe, and I think I ended up using too much tahini, if there is such a thing. I ate the leftover baba ghanoush on a sandwich with tomato, and I made the leftover lentils & rice into burgers for the next day’s lunch. No pictures… it was a messy process.

Remember when I said I had lots of leftover chick peas? Probably not, but I did say that. Instead of making hummus — redundant to baba ghanoush much? — I made curry! I followed the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, one of the most thoughtful and delicious blogs in existence. Not vegan usually, but vegan sometimes, like now. Honestly the most delicious form of chick peas I’ve ever prepared. I didn’t have every last one of the spices, but it still tasted like Indian food. One thing was that I used a lemon boy tomato and two red tomatoes of unknown breed, so using all of the lemon juice the recipe calls for in the absence of a particular spice I did not have was overkill. Not a big enough problem to ruin it, though.

Yesterday I went to Detroit to a harvest festival and roundtable discussion at the Feedom Freedom garden. I am in love with urban agriculture. Will it solve every problem in the world? No! But what will? I’m entirely in favor. I got two eggplants for $.50, and I picked them myself. I’ll let you know what I end up doing with them.

Have an excellent week; may it be less stressful than mine will be. Tomorrow is the voter reg deadline, ps, so if you want to vote in the November midterms, register ASAP.

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