Adventures with protein

Greetings! I’m feeling good this morning — I’ve been making a conscious effort to eat more protein, AND (on a totally unrelated note), I just made pancakes. I tried out a new recipe, the one from Vegan with a Vengeance. I like it! Instead of being sweetened with sugar, they are sweetened with maple syrup. That just makes so much sense!

You can tell that one needs to be flipped because of the bubbles. When I learned that, it changed pancakes for me entirely.

I didn’t eat quite that many, haha. Those are headed for the freezer so that I can have pancakes for the next Sunday, and the Sunday after that, and the Sunday after that …

I made some more substantial food this week, too. Last Sunday I made split pea soup, just like at camp. I didn’t take any pictures, but if you want a picture of split pea soup I’m pretty sure you can find one on the blog.

On Monday I roasted some beets. Beets are one of the most delicious things that one could roast, in my opinion. I sort of followed this recipe … but not really. I don’t like pine nuts and I don’t eat cheese. Plus I wanted to use whole wheat pasta, and my orzo isn’t whole wheat.

The beets made everything turn red, but I was OK with that.

Tuesday I made scrambled tofu, the world’s most delicious and excellent source of protein. Wednesday I went to this mainly vegan Indian restaurant with my dad, Earthen Jar. He’s always very enthusiastic about going there, and it’s one of the only restaurants that I enjoy going to because things are labeled “vegan.”

Thursday I tried out some tempeh, yet another excellent source of protein. I had in my brain that I don’t like tempeh, but I pan-fried it with some soy sauce and put it over steamed bok choy. That was delicious. I guess I like tempeh … cool.

Friday I made a rice salad with a wild rice blend and walnuts. I sort of followed this recipe, but not really. At the last minute I decided to switch the orange for half a zucchini, so I’m going to use the orange for something I’m making for a Dems bake sale tomorrow. I’ll tell you about that next week.

This was delicious. I need to use that wild rice blend more often.

Have an excellent week, everyone! In addition to the exciting bake sale, I’m planning on making some French lentils, some more bok choy … get pumped.

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