vegan thanksgiving!

I’m back in Ann Arbor after real thanksgiving, but I’m mentally still on break. Blogging will be a nice way for me to continue my denial of being back in reality.

On Wednesday afternoon I got back to Ohio, and then promptly left my house to go pick up David — you all remember David — from the airport. My mom made lentil soup for that dinner but I did not get a picture. The next day was Thanksgiving, the moment I had been waiting for since the very beginning of fall. I made myself the most delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich ever for lunch, with pumpkin butter, blackberry jam, and dark chocolate peanut butter.

The next day I ran out to Target (post the 5am crazy rush) and bought myself some dark chocolate peanut butter. It’s that good. Buy some.

Then I made pie.

I’m not going to give a recipe because I’m still perfecting it. I kind of followed the one on the can of pumpkin puree, but I used the coconut cream from a can of coconut milk rather than sweetened condensed milk, I doubled the cinnamon (of course), I added a tablespoon of molasses, and I figured the pumpkin could replace the eggs if I added in baking soda/powder, as in the applesauce cake recipe. I forgot which one it was so … I just added in half a teaspoon of each. The result was delicious, but it exploded in the oven. This was supposed to be a picture of that, but I ate all the exploded pie, so it just looks kind of normal.

It was kind of soft in the middle, too … I’ll work on it, and perhaps by next year I will have a good recipe.

I’m not going to lie … that pie was pretty tasty, anyway.

I also made cranberry sauce again.

The next day I ate it on my oatmeal, with pecans and pumpkin pie spices.

My dad made a delicious-looking egg sausage potato breakfast for the non-vegan boyfriends present.

I ate LOTS of potatoes.

For breakfast the following day, I sort of made the pumpkin waffles from Vegan With a Vengeance, but not really, because I had accidentally purchased pumpkin pie mix, not pumpkin, and the recipe explicitly states to not use that stuff. They ended up OK anyway.

I need to practice with a waffle iron, though. The waffles didn’t stick at first, and then they started to, resulting in some thin half-waffles that I attempted to glue together with sheer force of will.

Lunch was leftover vegan stuffing and this Israeli couscous, chickpea, green olive, orange salad my dad made for me. I want to blog his recipes but they are difficult to pin down. I couldn’t cook the way he does, however impressive. I like to be a little more exact.

It’s working out for him, because that was incredible. He made dinner, too — black beans and rice with avocado and the salsa verde recipe from Veganomicon. Well, sort of … true to form he did a little bit of improvising. The result was amazing.

I had so much delicious food over the past few days that I do not remember what being hungry feels like. I’ll let you know what reality has been like next Sunday.

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