Thanksgiving III

I feel like thanksgiving this year was a horror movie series or something … they just keep making more and more of them! But unlike the third sequel to a movie that probably shouldn’t have even been made, my third thanksgiving was lovely. It was a potluck at our house after a College Democrats meeting, a tradition known around here as Demsgiving (which I just “added to dictionary”).

I made brussels sprouts again, and a salad. I put blue cheese on half of the salad, and when Zach, my housemate from Wisconsin, discovered that I was the one who made the salad, he briefly paused: “wait … this is real cheese, right?” I laughed. As you might recall, I am no stranger to cooking with real cheese!

I love Thanksgiving food… but it’s time to move on, I think. The one thing I’ll never get tired of, though, is pumpkin spice oatmeal.

On Monday for dinner I made Pad Thai from Vegan Planet. So good!

I’m a huge fan of Pad Thai. The rice vinegar + peanuts + soy sauce + rice noodles combination is a winner.

Tuesday night I made alphabet soup from a sweet soup mix sold in bulk at Whole Foods. Whole wheat alphabet soup noodles? Split peas? Not being the alphabet soup that I made over the summer? Win win win!

I ate all of it!

XOX, alphabet soup.

Then I decided to make hot chocolate. I don’t have an exact way to make hot chocolate, just some hot liquid (I usually do some combination of soy milk, coffee, and water) plus one spoonful of sugar and two spoonfuls of cocoa powder. Then marshmallows of course. I have to use my vegan marshmallows somehow.

I still hate winter, but hot chocolate makes it OK.

Last night I kind of made the red flannel hash from Mollie Katzen’s Sunlight Cafe. I borrowed it from my mom over Thanksgiving and copied down a few recipes. It made me really want to open a vegan brunch restaurant.

The recipe calls for tempeh bacon, which I had been meaning to learn to make. Then at the last minute I got lazy, and just browned some tempeh in a pan, seasoning it with cumin, paprika, pepper, and some smoked salt that my dad gave me. It did taste pretty bacon-y, if memory serves, but I think that I will still have to try making real fake bacon at some point. This was fake fake bacon = ).

Then I roasted some beets and half a huge sweet potato I got at the farmers’ market for about an hour. These vibrantly-colored roots are two of the best vegetables ever. The recipe says to roast them, peel them, and cube them, but I think in the future I will grate them, like my regular sweet potato zucchini hash. Roasting does bring out the flavor, but texture is an important consideration, too, not to mention that it is impossible to make beets and sweet potatoes have a bad flavor.

That’s probably the only change I would make, though. This was seriously delicious.

On the subject of “seriously delicious” things, as of Tuesday I have established some new food rules for myself, including my personal favorite guideline of only eating things that are delicious. Life is too short. I’m also toying with the idea of eliminating added sugars from my diet. I think the hardest part of that for me would be breakfast. My favorite cereals all definitely have lots of sugar, plus oatmeal is severely improved with the addition of maple syrup. I definitely eat too much sugar, though, so I’ll have to find some kind of middle ground. I’ll keep you all updated!

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