… and we’re back!

… in the immortal words of gchat. I haven’t blogged in so long due to heartbreak and forgetting my camera cord when I was in Arizona. But this is not a feelings blog or a forgetfulness blog, so let’s get to the food, shall we?

The oldest photograph I have is not the most beautiful thing ever, but it is of something awesome I’m calling DINOSAUR QUINOA SALAD. I’m calling it that because it’s kind of green and purple, and those are dinosaur colors in my mind.

The ingredients are as follows:

Red quinoa (purple)
Zucchini (green)
Red onion (purple)
Cabbage (green)
Beets (purple)

I made this other quinoa salad too, to bring with me on the road trip to Arizona. It was tremendously delicious and I want to make it all the time forever.

This one had cabbage, pomegranates, walnuts, scallions, and red & white quinoa. I made this other thing too, but it was not as good so as far as the blog is concerned, it never happened.

My family drove to Arizona to spend a week with my grandparents. It was amazing to be somewhere so sunny — Phoenix is literally a desert. There are cacti and palm trees and citrus trees there. For example, my grandparents have a Tangelo tree in their back yard. Tangelo = Tangerine + Pomelo. I’m a fan.

Because it was Christmas time, Emily and I had to make these things called Kahlua balls:

60z chocolate chips
1/2 C sugar
3T corn syrup
1/2 C Kahlua (best part!)
1C chopped walnuts
2 1/2 C vanilla wafers (note — animal crackers are NOT a good vegan substitution because they’re too crunchy and taste animal-crackery)

You just melt the chocolate, stir in the other stuff, and then form them into balls and roll them in granulated sugar.

The ugly lumpy ones are the vegan ones with animal crackers. Not eating sugar, by the way, has been slightly harder than going vegan, but I think now that I’m done with heartbreak & holidays I should be OK. I definitely feel better now that I’ve limited my refined sugar intake.

Emily and I also made potato rosemary bread! My grandparents also have a rosemary bush in their yard, which smells amazing. I have never made bread before, but I have used yeast for cinnamon rolls and pizza dough, so it wasn’t that difficult, actually. We used the recipe for potato chive bread from Vegan Planet, but obviously used rosemary instead of chives. The bread came out magnificiently.

We served it with a super delicious coconut milk and butternut squash soup.

Basically, we just roasted the butternut squash — the longer the better, really, because that improves the flavor AND the texture. Then we put a white onion with some garlic and ginger at the bottom of the pot in some vegetable broth. Once the squash was done roasting we added it, along with cinnamon, turmeric, and salt and pepper. To make it soupier, we added a can of coconut milk and some more vegetable broth and let it simmer.

I’m finally back in Ann Arbor now. For good luck, on new years Megan and I made hoppin’ john (with tomatoes, because I thought it called for them. Not so much, it turns out) and collard greens. I was pleased!

Yesterday I made more bread and more soup. This soup was a delicious Indian-spiced lentil soup.

The bread was a loaf of wheat bread and a loaf of cinnamon raisin bread, from the Tassajara Bread cookbook I checked out of the library.

I put it in a paper bag to keep it fresh!

That about does it, sorry about the super long post. I’ll be back next week unless something else heartbreaking happens, or some other important holiday gets invented, or I’m called away to another desert without a camera cord. You never do know.

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