Chocolate muffins & sponge ruiners

Hello all! I’ve been playing with beets this week. You can’t tell anymore, but right at first, it was pretty obvious.

That’s my cheese grater, or as Mitch Hedburg (RIP) would say, a sponge ruiner — it creates little bits of sponge that would melt easily over chips. I don’t use it much for cheese, as you might imagine, but for creating little bits of carrot, or beets, or sweet potatoes. I used the little bits of beets and sweet potatoes to create a tempeh hash, along with some sweet onion. I got a picture, but it is ugly.

On the subject of ugly photography, I keep reading tips on other, more reputable food blogs about food photography. I feel like they are talking directly to me, because my photographs could use some work. It seems like the most important tip is to use natural light. After struggling to do this and failing, I realized … I live in a basement. I have some ideas, though. Just wait.

I also put some slightly sauteed beet shreds in a salad, then put sauteed beet greens + onion + orange zest in quinoa, which was delicious.

Now I feel self-conscious of my photographs, but I’ll keep them rolling regardless. I made muffins this week, as usual.

These were sweetened with raspberry and strawberry jam. Rather than trying to replace it, I just left out the egg, which seemed to work. I “buttermilked” the soy milk by adding in some vinegar. To make them chocolate, I just put in 1/4 cup of cocoa powder (not enough). I used applesauce instead of oil, mainly because I hate applesauce and need to use it in some other way than simply eating it, but I took Isa Chandra Moskowitz‘s advice and put a couple spoonfuls of oil in at the end, which was an excellent idea. That link, by the way will take you to her veggie girl power interview on Healthy Happy Life, in which she states that her typical breakfast is not some bizarre green liquid, but oatmeal and coffee. My reaction: TWINS ME TOO!

But back to the muffins — they were better than last week’s banana mess, but still not ideal. Not chocolaty enough, maybe a little soft. Plus whole wheat flour is really not that great for things other than bread, so next week I have quinoa flour and whole wheat pastry flour to try out. Also, they stuck to the wrappers again! Here’s what Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World has to say about that: “Suspect #2 [number one was being too impatient, which isn’t the case because I ate a muffin last night and it still happened]: overbaking.” Thanks!

For reference, here’s a muffin-making chart:

I’ll be back next week with an exciting new upgrade, so get ready!

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