Pizza, banana bread, and other carbs from the oven

Exciting new upgrade time! Instead of taking pictures of my food, I’m playing to my strengths and doodling it instead. I doodle a lot in my everyday life.

This type of thing covers my planner, the margins of all of my notes, my grocery lists, and any piece of paper that stays in front of me long enough to tire of sitting idly. I wish I were exaggerating! I kind of wish I’d doodled in pen or at least more darkly — next week.

So with that in mind, when I tell you that I made a cauliflower curry on Monday, here is what you can expect to see.

One of my food pastimes aside from cooking and eating is comparing nutrition facts of nuts and other legumes. Primarily I rely on the protein-to-calories ratio (shout out to my seventh graders who just took the Rates Ratios and Proportions test!). I have found that cashews (pictured in the front) are not only better than peanuts, they’re also better than a lot of nuts at about 5g protein to 200cal in 1/4 cup. Don’t worry, I’ll make you a nut protein-calorie chart later.

This curry was delicious because of those cashews, because cauliflower is delicious, and because rather than using cumin, I purchased some cumin seeds, which are milder and in my opinion more delicious. I used an odd wedge of tomato that I happened to have, some ancho chili powder from Arizona, turmeric, and half a red onion. I also threw some tofu in there, speaking of protein, about 1/4 block.

I made bread again last week! One loaf of whole wheat, and one loaf of oatmeal bread. I LOVE the oatmeal bread. It’s great as toast, and great on peanut butter sandwiches, and since those are my primary uses for bread, it’s great on all accounts. I also sliced it about an hour after it came out of the oven, producing bread that actually looks like bread! I sliced it a little too thickly again, though — I can’t do that thing with my sandwiches where you squish them and the peanut butter and jelly kind of show through. Next time, next time.

It’s been a while since I illustrated scrambled tofu, but while I was making it I lined up the mushrooms on their caps, and it was cute, so I doodled it. I love scrambled tofu with zucchini and mushrooms, and only a tiny taste of nutritional yeast. I’m still going off of the Vegan with a Vengeance recipe, but I’ve cut the cumin in half, the nutritional yeast in about a quarter, and I only sometimes remember the lemon juice.

I love it with zucchini. This week, I have broccoli instead — different! But I suppose some variety in my food choices wouldn’t hurt =).

I think I’ve mentioned my housemate dinners Friday nights. They are pretty delightful. Last Friday we made lettuce wraps, and due to the presence of burger crumbles I was at first skeptical, but in the end, they were marvelous. It also left us with a huge quantity of leftover rice, and a barely touched jar of pickled ginger, so I had almost no choice but to make fried rice. The key to fried rice is the peas– and this is coming from someone who isn’t always a fan.

The round ones are peas, the faint scribbly ones are rice. I threw the rest of my tofu in here, because fried rice usually has egg in it. That vertical thing is a scallion.

This Friday, our house made pizza! We thought it would be the most appealing option to Haley’s awesome 13-year-old cousin who is visiting us this weekend. I’ve made pizza three times now since going vegan, and for the first time I made myself a cheeseless pizza (that did not include oreos as a topping). I did have some Follow Your Heart mozzarella, but I didn’t use it, I just skipped the cheese altogether. Next time I might actually use “cheese” because without, it kind of lacked cohesion, and the toppings tended to fall off. It was amazing, though. I topped it with mushrooms, olives, onions, and green peppers.

There’s a serrated knife in the picture because Zach was trying to use it to cut vegetables. Veto.

Last but not least I made banana bread! This was an incredibly successful banana bread. I used the Moosewood recipe, but I used slightly less flour than was called for (by necessity, because with all the bread baking I’ve been doing, we were a little short on flour) and I sweetened it with molasses.

I made banana bread because when bananas get even a couple spots on them in this house, they become my domain. My housemates prefer green bananas. Weirdos. These particular bananas had huge black burns on them, too, because they were resting on the toaster oven. Didn’t effect the taste at all, so I was fine with it.

So that about covers it. Next week I’ll be back with a pen, and tales of a certain roommate’s birthday that needs celebrating.

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