Granola, pumpkin butter, and other breakfast things

I made granola last weekend! It was Haley’s idea, such a good one. I followed the recipe from the new Moosewood cookbook sort of, with excellent results — that stuff did not last long. This reinforces my absolute love for all things oatmeal.

Speaking of breakfast food — and Moosewood, actually — I also made blueberry muffins this week. I know that blueberry muffins are distinct from other kinds of muffins, but I actually just used my usual muffin template from the new Moosewood cookbook and threw in some lemon juice. By lemon juice I mean the key lime juice from Chris’s pie that I still have, but in a more perfect world it would have been lemon juice.

That muffin picture makes me think of this, which in turn makes me think of high school.

Anyway. I can’t seem to get enough of breakfast food. When people tell me that they don’t eat breakfast, I actually get upset. Eating breakfast is basically all I ever do. The other night, for example, I made one of my classic tempeh hashes. This time, I tried to get fancy and glaze the tempeh beforehand, like I did last week for the salad. I threw it in the pan with the vinegar, maple syrup, and soy sauce. As delicious as it was last time, this time the maple syrup taste rubbed off on the zucchini and sweet potatoes, which was not great.

I’m still working on perfecting that recipe. On the other hand, I did a nice job illustrating the sweet potato.

It is winter, so in addition to breakfast food, I’ve been eating lots of curry. I made my cauliflower curry again, with cumin seeds and such, but I did not have any cashews. This is how that made me feel:

It was good, it just wasn’t the same. Other flops this week include the time I was too lazy to make dinner and ended up sauteing kale and pumpkin seeds and throwing in some tofu. Kind of the vegan unprocessed food version of heating up a frozen dinner.

I’m not saying it wasn’t good, or that it wasn’t nutritious, it just wasn’t dinner. I’m glad that I made it, though, because kale is fun to draw.

This week on the whole was successful though! I made a burrito, mostly because I had a jar of salsa.

I love black beans and rice. Way to be a complete protein guys.

And finally, Megan made these pumpkin muffins and she had a ton of leftover pumpkin puree. I put some on my oatmeal, and then, per Eileen’s recommendation, I made pumpkin butter!

I kind of sort of followed this recipe, except instead of brown sugar I used lots of different sweeteners including molasses and maple syrup. The molasses made it really dark, almost chocolaty looking, and not tremendously sweet. I can’t get enough, though. I put it on my pancakes this morning.

In other news, I’m over winter. Only 42 days until spring.

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