Rotini & other foods that are hard to draw

Hey pals. Happy Sunday! For me, today feels like just one in a long string of Sundays. See, last Monday was a snow day, so it felt like a second Sunday. Then Tuesday was a snow day too, which would have ordinarily been crazy-awesome, but in this case it was crazy-crazy because we had school off Thursday and Friday and tomorrow anyway. One day week! I loved the sleep, did not love my students’ intense lack of focus. I’m getting better at getting them to be quiet and listen to what I’m saying, but that’s my least favorite part of teaching … I wish they would just sit rapt at attention because they think math is THAT fascinating, but I’ve never even done that.

Well anyway. Food. I made a casserole.

It’s a hybrid of the chickpea-broccoli casserole from Vegan With a Vengeance and this casserole. It worked! I love the celery in this. Celery is probably the #1 most underrated vegetable. I missed the zucchini, but at some point you have to stop putting vegetables in things or it’s too much. I have that problem with zucchini a lot — I want zucchini in absolutely everything.

Speaking of zucchini, I made tofu two very different ways lately, and one of the times I had zucchini with it. I sauteed some zucchini and red onion together with just salt, pepper, and olive oil. DELICIOUS. The tofu that night was the cornmeal-crusted tofu from Veganomicon, which I baked, because it was, as they describe, a “quiet vegan night in,” due to the fact that my housemates are in New Orleans for SpRiNg BrEaK (my spring break is the Ypsi spring break this year, which is — shockingly enough — in the spring time). I really liked it because I am a huge fan of cornmeal, for whatever reason. Plus any time things are breaded, I’m there.

Then the next night I fired up somebody’s George Foreman (not sure who in my house owns it, but thanks!) and did some grilling. I grilled some eggplant and tofu in an Italian marinade from — you guessed it — Veganomicon. I ate them with pasta and marinara sauce.

Like the helpfully-labeled grill marks?

The other half of the eggplant was put into a stir fry. The only notable thing about the stir-fry was that I made it with entirely brown rice, none of that mixing brown and white rice stuff.

The last thing was this delicious pasta from Veganomicon. You cook the tempeh in all of these delicious things like tomato paste and soy sauce and fennel seeds, which make it taste kind of sausage-y. Then it goes with pasta and broccoli, only I used spinach because there was amazing, leafy spinach at the farmers market (which was otherwise fairly sparse).

In case you were wondering if rotini is hard to draw, it is! That’s about 90% of the reason why I used spaghetti for the grilled eggplant dinner. I’m totally making this pasta again, but next time I’m going to put in mushrooms. It needed mushrooms. I have big plans for mushrooms next week, I’ll keep you posted.

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