I forgot to blog

Oh hey. It’s Tuesday already?

I cooked, ate, and doodled some delicious food lately. First, I made some curry noodles:

It’s from the most recent Vegetarian Times. It called for curry paste and curry powder. I liked it, but I was mainly excited about it because I was using quinoa pasta for the first time. That stuff is seriously good for you, not to mention delicious. I think I’m hooked on gluten-free pastas from now on.

Less healthy but arguably more delicious were these brownies that I made for the final Dems bake sale of the entire year, probably. So for me, that’s the final Dems bake sale of my entire life. I’m so dramatic.

These were a lot like the brownies that I made before, but I de-veganized them by putting in white chocolate chunks. I need to get my hands on some cocoa butter so that I can make actual vegan white chocolate! I also made muffins, just plain banana muffins but with a swirl of raspberry jam in them.

I attempted to make delicious oatmeal-chocolate cookies when I first discovered almond butter last week, because that stuff is amazing, but they failed. They weren’t sweet enough so they tasted like weird muffins.

I made some successful stuff, mainly sandwich-like things. Using refried beans from a can (fat free = no lard), flour tortillas, and the toaster oven, plus some veggies and salsa (like most of the food I make) I made a tostada type of situation.

That was good. So was this delicious tempeh sandwich.

I just caramelized some red onions in a pan, then gave tempeh the standard vinegar and soy sauce treatment in a sautee pan, plus I threw in some maple syrup for that bacony flavor. I put that on some toasted oatmeal bread with lettuce and tomato. Amazing sandwich!

I’ll be back before long, on Sunday this time. We have traditions to uphold, people.

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