Camp opening and some ot her food maybe

I am currently sitting in BWI waiting to begin my journey back to Ann Arbor. Being at camp during the non-summer was not as unnatural as I thought it might be. Aside from the generally amazing time I had (I seriously smiled so much), I did a couple of food related things. Now, I didn’t take any pictures because I forgot my camera, and even if I had doodled things I don’t think airports have scanners useful for my purposes. So I’ll try to break the text up with spaces.

On Saturday I woke up and immediately went to the kitchen (the larder!) and made some oatmeal. Then I kind of stuck around. To make sure we had sufficient food Vini put me in charge of lentil soup, which I do have to say was pretty delicious. I just simmered lentils with celery, garlic, onion, and a couple of bay leaves (which I then fished out, just in case). I think I also used thyme, salt, and pepper. That little taste of camp cookery made me excited for summer! Not that it takes much.

Of course, Jessie couldn’t eat the lentil soup because it was not Kosher for Passover. What I could eat and what she could eat were basically diametrically opposed. One thing definitely not vegan or KFP is peeps, which few people admit to liking anyway. Regardless, there were lots of those this weekend!

I also got the opportunity to dye eggs using natural stains. We used coffee and onion skins. We dyed them according to Eastern European tradition, sticking parsley on the eggs with water and wrapping them with gauze. They turned out so pretty! The ostensible purpose for my involvement in this non-vegan project was to help light camp stoves. Mainly, I was just pretty stoked about the opportunity to hang out with children. I did a lot of that this weekend.

Before I left I ate things too. I made this pasta made out of brown rice and flaxseeds that was packed with protein and such. Gluten-free pastas are really good options for me. I had it with tempeh, kale, mushrooms, and almesian, which made me feel really healthy in a pretty empowering way.

I think I made other things but I just can’t stop thinking about camp. I’ll be back next week but that will be crazy, too because it will be the day after my graduation.

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