Actual pictures!

Yes, color has returned to my world. This week I cooked delicious food and then picked up my camera, dusted it off, and took some photographs. Not to be discouraged by the fact that I live in a basement, I sought natural light by taking my food with me outside, and taking its picture there.

This was a delicious quinoa salad with dried cherries, almonds, and scallions. I ate it on top of a bed of spinach, sauteed with olive oil, salt and pepper, and nutmeg. Delicious and photogenic! While quinoa is delicious with a variety of different things, I’ve been gravitating towards a combination of fruit, scallion, and nuts.

After that I returned to my delicious mainstay of cauliflower curry, with some delicious adjustments.

Instead of tofu, I went with tempeh, which adds an interesting texture to what could be a white mushy dish. I also used a green bell pepper, because I feel like curries need bell pepper. Cashews, of course, make this dish.

I also made enchiladas again! Even natural light could not save this particular photograph:

But as I hope you can see, I used red beans this time, which was a good call. I liked the way they went with the zucchini (which I will forever put in enchiladas!) because they are kind of sweet and also soft. Kidney beans are a little bit pillowy, I think, a nice contrast to the crispyness of zucchini.

Then I made soba noodles, with scallions and carrots and mushrooms and tofu. Not that exciting, really. But still good.

I really like soy sauce.

I also made banana bread, because there was a brown banana in my kitchen.

That’s how much was left after about an hour. I ate a substantial portion of it with peanut butter, an idea whose time had come!

Finally, I made something delicious with spaghetti squash from Veganomicon.

It is called “mexicana” because it has corn and black beans. It also has jalapenos and chili powder. I was supposed to make salsa, but the stuff in a jar was on sale at the co-op. This was really good; spaghetti squash is so fun to work with and super flavorful.

I am very excited to report that next week I will be writing to you after a visit to New York! I hear that they have delicious vegan pizza there, which I will attempt to photograph without looking like a tourist. Also, happy mothers’ day! Next week my hope is that I will have been able to make breakfast for my mom, who should be in Ann Arbor next weekend. Enjoy your week!

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