Greetings from outside

Hello everyone! It’s so nice outside and I love the sun so much that I’m blogging from a towel in my back yard. Ants are crawling on me, but I’m trying to be okay with it.

This week I actually cooked some exciting stuff! This one actually happened last week, but I thought it would be weird to talk mainly about traveling and then add in a normal “I cooked this in my kitchen” item, so here it is now.

This is a delicious tostada with refried beans and sauteed vegetables and salsa and cilantro. Haley left (sad!), taking her toaster oven with her, so I got the tortilla to be crispy by folding it in half and putting it in the regular toaster.

I’ve talked about this a lot, but here is an actual picture of the tempeh pasta I like to make with spinach out of a Veganomicon recipe that originally calls for broccoli rabe.

I like tempeh. Later on I made kind of a meatball sub type of situation with tempeh and tomato sauce on oatmeal bread, because that was what I had to work with.

That was more delicious than it probably sounds. I also made lentil pilaf …

… and baked tofu and mixed greens.

Pretty sure the mixed greens included lettuce, which sautees pretty limply. The tofu was good though. I marinated it overnight and then just threw it in the oven.

As you might be able to detect, I’ve been doing Mexican-ish food a lot lately. Like this corn-bean-jalapeño sautee that I ate with a tortilla.

I really should have made quinoa to go with this, but quinoa takes 30 minutes whereas this whole thing took about 10, so it didn’t seem worth it.

Last night, I made something unexpectedly delicious. I made up a vegan white sauce:

It consisted of soymilk, garlic, olive oil, whole wheat flour, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and nutritional yeast. And it was amazing. I used it to make kind of a pasta primavera type of situation, because at long last it is actually spring!

The thing I’m most excited about this week is the two loaves of banana bread I made. I had lots of brown bananas sitting in my kitchen, so I kind of had to.

One is just like last weeks, with molasses. Only this time I put in walnuts instead of chocolate chips. I also followed Moosewood’s recipe and included some coffee, which made it very rich, dark, and moist.

The other one was inspired by a cake I ate at Cynthia’s co-op when I was in Oberlin last week. I made it with carob chips, cashew butter, and honey.

That one was slightly dry. I should have put in some soymilk or coffee or applesauce, because cashew butter is a lot drier than actual butter, which is what I used it to replace. This one did taste delicious, though.

Finally, I am very excited to report that next Sunday I will be taking the blog to West Virginia once again. I’m quite happy about that. See you then.

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