Greetings from Mason, Ohio

I’m in Ohio. Enough said.

While I was still in Ann Arbor, I made a delicious stir fry with all the leftover veggies on my refrigerator shelf.

This was made using West Soy tempeh, which I have to say is far better than any other kinds of tempeh. Unfortunately, I have not found this tempeh anywhere but at the co-op in Ann Arbor, certainly not Mason, Ohio.

This week, it’s just me and my dad here, because my mom is in Seattle helping Emily move out of her dorm. Luckily, both of us are awesome at food. We made summer rolls.

Ours had (clockwise from left) peanuts, cilantro, bean sprouts, carrots, scallions, pea pods, basil, asian pear, and mint. In the middle is dipping sauce, with ingredients mysterious to me. However, I do know it involves soy sauce, ginger, garlic, Sriracha, and lime. These are both adorable and delicious.

The rice papers are so glossy, the basil so leafy …

So then we got sick of cooking and got pizza.

Dewey’s is absolutely the most delicious pizza in the greater Cincinnati area, and there is now one in Mason. I asked the waitress “would it be at all possible to get a pizza without cheese?” and she responded, “of course — you can get whatever you want.” So here’s my pizza:

Delicious. I’m going back next weekend.

I am very excited to say that next Sunday, not only will my mom and Emily be back (in fact, they are coming back today), but ALSO, David will be here. I will try to cook delicious things that I can tell you about. You do the same.

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