Delicious Stuff

These things are delicious, and I like them a lot.

1. Almond butter

This stuff is so creamy and rich, and its only ingredient is almonds. I love that I could get this at Target for $2. William liked it, too.

2. Roasted Chipotle Salsa

It’s kind of hot, but mainly just really flavorful and fresh-tasting.

3. Cherry Soy Yogurt

A lot of soy things have this soy taste that I’ve learned to live with and even like, but not this. It’s just delicious no matter who you are. Sweet without refined sugar, creamy without dairy, certified vegan, and containing actual fruit. Cherry is one of my favorites.

4. Go Lean Crunch

I can’t eat any other types of cereal. Nothing comes close in terms of taste or nutrition profile.

5. Valrhona Chocolate

If you want dark chocolate, this stuff is the absolute best. It took going vegan for me to appreciate dark chocolate, but now it’s just what chocolate should taste like.

I like other stuff, so I’ll be back.

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