Aliens, Pies, and the Vegan Option

Hello all! I’m back in West Virginia as of Monday, at camp since Tuesday. I’ve been doing a lot more cooking than photographing, but I do have some things for you.

This is the alien.

It chops vegetables and looks like it is about to land on a different planet. It made hash browns possible!

The first five days of being here — ending today! — were Staff Week. I was partially responsible for feeding the 40 staff members present, who can absolutely eat an equivalent amount to the 60 people we typically have at a camp session, because none of them are small children. In spite of this final fact, Anna and I made the Enchanted Broccoli Forrest.

It was kind of ugly because I severely ruined the broccoli by boiling it … for kind of a while. But I think the more important part of the casserole is the baked cheese and rice aspect, rather than the “my food looks like a forest” aspect.

The vegan option was a bowl of rice & broccoli stalks, drizzled with soy sauce.

And salad! There’s always a salad.

That night, we had delicious cherry pies from local sour cherries.

It was not too sweet, not too tart, and perfectly crispy and golden. It was also evidence to support the idea that vegan food is not weird and sad.

Tonight, for the first night of the session, I made lasagna!

It looked crispy and golden brown, and I heard good things about it from everyone. I, meanwhile, ate …

… Lasagna noodles. And salad. I should get more creative with my food, probably.

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