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This happened a while ago

Second session is already over, and I did not post the entire time. Here are two things that happened near the end of first session that I really should have told you about. This is Jessie’s birthday cake! I used … Continue reading

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Pizza Night!

First session pizza night 2011 was a smashing success! Katie and I made 28 pizzas, which is just under half a pizza per capita. It ended up being a very appropriate amount of food for our crowd. Like last year, … Continue reading

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Local Peaches!

We’ve been thinking a lot about food this year at camp. As part of that, we have a map up on the kitchen shutters labeled “where is our food from?” I’ve been looking at food packaging and stickers, figuring out … Continue reading

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How I almost ruined stir fry : 0

Don’t worry, it’s almost. I don’t think one can ruin stir fry. Stir fry and rice go together like waffles and syrup, or bagels and cream cheese. It’s not technically essential, but without rice (or syrup or cream cheese), the … Continue reading

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Hummus Forever!

I made hummus! We needed sandwiches, and one of the campers has a peanut allergy so I needed a vegetarian sandwich filling other than peanut butter. I followed the recipe for hummus in Veganomicon, using the “puree” setting on our … Continue reading

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