Hummus Forever!

I made hummus! We needed sandwiches, and one of the campers has a peanut allergy so I needed a vegetarian sandwich filling other than peanut butter.

I followed the recipe for hummus in Veganomicon, using the “puree” setting on our blender.

The only difference was that I used a 110-ounce #10 can of chick peas, not the 15-ounce can that the recipe calls for. This is what a #10 can of chick peas looks like:

As you can see, the chick peas won’t fit in the blender all at once. I gathered the wet ingredients (times 7.5) and put them in a bowl so I could do it in batches and then stir it all together in the end. I’ve made 5 batches all together,using up 2 jars pf tahini.

Similarly , I blended chick peas, this time with onion, to make falafel. I had almost enough mix, but we needed more. This session, cooking for 61 people, you can never have too much.

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