This happened a while ago

Second session is already over, and I did not post the entire time. Here are two things that happened near the end of first session that I really should have told you about.

This is Jessie’s birthday cake! I used the fluffy white cake recipe from Joy the Baker that I’ve used before. It looks super delicious. Then in between the layers I used a delicious blueberry syrup concoction I have put on pancakes and oatmeal before.

Then I made some sesame noodles.

The recipe I used this time called for sugar, which I included. I’m not sure why, though, because I have never put sugar in them before, and that was all that I could taste in the end, just because I knew. However, they were super delicious anyway.

It’s Adult Weekend now, so I have lots of current really delicious things to blog about, later.

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