Greetings from Charlotte

Wow, I haven’t updated in forever. Not since Adult Weekend. First my computer died on me. Who knows what happened, but it totally crashed, rendering me unable to post pictures. Without pictures, what’s the point?

Then, I moved to Charlotte. I got a job teaching Algebra II and Geometry at a magnet school here. It is a really great job, but it doesn’t leave me much time to blog, or cook or eat for that matter.

But here I am!

That’s my cabinet. I’m trying to get away from putting food in disorganized, structurally questionable plastic bags and more into putting it in bins, but that does take up more money and more space.

I still have my coffee maker! And my mom gave me that little kitchen timer that looks like a chicken. I think I might use that at school sometime if I need to time a quiz or an activity. In this particular picture I’m making scrambled tofu.

I’ve made scrambled tofu like 10000 times. This time I made it pretty chunky, with big pieces of onion and zucchini.

In other news, I just brought a kitten home from camp. I’m trying to keep him away from my food right now because he has mites, fleas, conjunctivitis, and an upper respiratory tract infection, but he doesn’t have any parasites, so we’ll see!

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