Cooking Ahead!

OK, best idea ever. I have no time or desire to cook during the week, typically. I get so busy and tired. So I cooked two things last night, and one tonight, so that I can have leftovers.

Last night I made a quinoa salad similar to some of the other things I’ve blogged about. Semi-relatedly, one time I made a quinoa salad with a tahini dressing, and I can NOT find tahini in the Harris-Teeter by my house.

Then I made this Asian pasta salad. I made something kind of like it at the end of first session, but this is my version, for me and me alone.

It has:
Whole-wheat pasta
Sesame seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Red cabbage
Snow peas
Soy sauce
Sesame oil
Lemon juice

I’m not going to act like I’m writing a recipe. Just … mix them together.

I also made the cauliflower-tempeh stuff I make sometimes.

I usually put cashews in there, but I did not have any. Man, I missed those cashews.

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