Enchilladas and lasagna: Similar but different

Hello everyone! I guess I didn’t blog last weekend, but I am BACK! I think I have all of my grading done, my lesson plans [for tomorrow] are written, and dinner is simmering, so let’s blog.

I made delicious enchiladas last week. These were sweet potato black bean enchiladas, inspired by the Vegan Planet recipe.

I put some tomato paste in the filling to keep it all together. Look what my mom found … it’s TOMATO paste, in a tube, like TOOTHPASTE. Whoever came up with this is a crazy genious.

And on the subject of things involving a) red sauce b) being baked in an oven c) typically cheese + layered carbs, I made lasagna this week!

Doesn’t that look like a legit lasagna? This time, rather than put in black beans and sweet potatoes, in place of cheese I put in a recipe of tofu ricotta from Vegan with a Vengeance / Veganomicon. This stuff is great.

I also made some pancakes! I had been eating oatmeal and oatmeal alone for breakfast lately, because let’s face it, it is the perfect breakfast. They came out looking fairly ugly this time, but tasting delicious.

These are blueberry walnut pancakes. I want to eat more of them like now, and take better pictures of them to truly do them justice. I can’t really do much of anything now, though, because Stanley (the kitten) is sitting right on my stomach, and it’s too cute for me to move.

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