My life is crazy

I haven’t blogged about cooking things in so long that I wasn’t logged into my account anymore. Thank goodness my password is so easy for me to remember.

I declared two weeks ago “Veganomicon week” because I wanted to make several delicious things out of Veganomicon. But then this week I just kept going! There seems to be no end to the deliciousness of that cookbook.

I made chocolate-chocolate chip walnut cookies:

Vegan chocolate things are the best. I ate so many of those.

I also made the tempeh shepherdess pie that I made with my housemates last year when we did an Irish-themed meal near St. Patrick’s Day:

It’s funny how I used to hate peas, and tempeh actually, but now they are an even better part of this than mashed potatoes, which I have always been all about. The mashed potatoes were incredible as always, but the tempeh part is what makes this.

Then I made spaghetti and beanballs. Oh man were those delicious. My only mistake was accidentally buying a kind of spicy marinara sauce from Target. I will totally make this again.

What up, Stanley.

Then the following week I made 2 more Veganomicon things. I made barbecue black-eyed pea collard rolls with MORE mashed potatoes.

Instead of actually making barbecue sauce, I just purchased some. I hope that’s ok. These were great, but slightly annoying to eat because collards are slightly stringy. Also, when I was buying them at Harris Teeter, the woman working there was like “what do you know about collard greens? You’re too young!” But then I somehow convinced her it was legit by saying “I like vegetables…”

I have to write lesson plans now. Tomorrow I’m giving a test in 2/3 of my classes. I hope they do well because we’ve been practicing and reviewing for what feels like a super long time, in Algebra II at least. I’m making an effort to cook things (rather than eat Chipotle multiple times per week, not that there’s anything wrong with that) so I’ll try to also make an effort to blog about it.

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