This is the best holiday there is. Mainly, I have a lot of pictures of vegan pie. I made the 4-ingredient pie from Healthy Happy Life.



I topped it with Soy Whip (way better than rice whip). Verdict? It was delicious, but too sweet. The recipe calls for a cup of maple syrup, which is a lot of sweetness. Next time I’ll tone it down.

I also made cranberry sauce. Cranberries, orange juice, sugar, heat. DONE.


I didn’t really make much other food, which is one of the other reasons why Thanksgiving is excellent. I made the cornbread from the back of the Eden Soy container, and my dad turned it into dressing, complete with vegan sausage! SO GOOD.


That was delicious. I’m still dreaming of it. Oranges and fennel and caramelized onions and pecans and dried cranberries… mmmm.

My dad always makes me this thing called Tuscan Carrboro Bean Salad. You can see it in the corner of that picture in the orange bowl. It’s white beans, pasta, red onions, parsley, olive oil, and lemon juice. Probably other mysterious things I can only hope to someday understand.


I have lots of that leftover. LUNCH! 

Have a good week, everyone.

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