Salad from now until forever

It has been a while since I’ve posted for a wide variety of highly legitimate reasons. Now here are some pictures of food with comments.

These are Kahlua balls.

VEGAN Kahlua balls, no less. They are as delicious as they sound. Kahlua + chocolate rolled in sugar basically.

Then my dad made this delicious thing while I was in Ohio for winter break. Behold:

Kale (sauteed in olive oil no doubt), a cauliflower steak, and Romesco sauce, topped with an olive and pumpkin seed garnish. That Romesco sauce is so rich and flavorful, I think I ate some spoonfuls of it. You would have, too.

Lately I have been very into salads. Lettuce, you know?

Get out of there, cat! What has been dramatically improving these heaps of greens is not only the toppings (broccoli, alfalfa sprouts, chick peas, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds here) but the dressings. Lately I can’t get enough of Annie’s Goddess Dressing and Brianna’s Poppy Seed. Back when I ate dairy, ranch dressing was my jam, and these restore creaminess to my salads.

You know what I love? Baked tofu. I also love potatoes and sweet potatoes. I may love potatoes most of all.

That deliciousness was created in my oven! That tofu was super marinated, too. I actually pressed a block of tofu for once in my life. I was going to bake that on Sunday so I started marinating on Saturday. Then life happened and I didn’t bake it until Monday, meaning that it had been soaking up deliciousness for a solid 48 hours. I don’t really follow a recipe for that, per se, just mix together garlic, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, and tomato paste. If something else looks like it would fit in there and is accessible, I may throw it in. And I certainly don’t measure anymore. So amateurish.

I made this delicious quinoa salad with edamame and shredded cabbage and cilantro but the picture is icky. Then I made a portabella steak with some gluten-free tricolor pasta mixed with chick peas, all covered in the basil-cilantro pesto from Veganomicon.

That pesto is super opaque. Just an observation.

This weekend I made another vegan lasagna. I ate it with another salad, while grading, listening to Adele, and drinking white wine.

That picture is a frighteningly all-encompassing view of my life right now. Well … have a good week everyone!

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1 Response to Salad from now until forever

  1. annie says:

    annie’s goddess dressing is the greatest thing of all time, and not just because it’s my name

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