Bowls and Baking

I recently came into a significant gift certificate — not so recent that the money isn’t already gone, though! I participated in this study of first year teachers, and I went crazy with books on interactive math activities, Adele, and most importantly, cookbooks. Last week I worked through Appetite for Reduction. I only used one of the recipes, but I went to town with her “bowl” suggestions.

What do I mean? Well a bowl is any combination of grain + protein + veggie, usually including a sauce. Such an excellent concept. I made a bowl with baked tofu (favorite food ever), brown rice, and sesame-seed-studded broccoli:

I made a quinoa-zucchini-white bean bowl with the Romesco sauce from the cookbook.

That’s the night I ate an entire zucchini.

With the leftover quinoa and rice, I made a stuffed pepper! First I sauteed some onion plus spices – I think paprika, white pepper, maybe fennel seeds? Then I mixed the onion and leftover grains with some French lentils I cooked up. Then I baked it in an oven! And ate it with salad.

Not a bowl (more of a plate) or from an oven, but I also roasted some beets and potatoes and ate them with the sauteed beet greens plus Swiss chard and chick peas. I put tomato sauce on the chick peas because it sounded delicious, and everything else was red. Guess they wanted to play too.


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