Hi everyone! I cooked delicious things again. I’m always doing that.

Here is my version of the eggplant and black eyed pea curry from the PPK blog. I just love everything about that blog! I made it with chick peas instead of black eyed peas because I love chick peas and for no other reason.

I loved the texture of the eggplant and the red lentils. I thought it had too much cilantro though — it was overpowering. Other than that it was flavorful and delicious, like most things I love.

Just now I made myself a pizza with Daiya cheese for the first time. I bought a premade crust instead of taking the time to roll out the dough, which kind of took the fun out of it honestly.

Stanley was still into it! I topped it with onions, olives, and mushrooms, the best pizza toppings.

Last night I made the most delicious thing probably ever. One of the cookbooks I got from my Amazon gift certificate was Super Natural Every Day, which is wonderful. It’s beautiful and full of quick, delicious recipes. Heidi Swanson’s blog, 101 cookbooks, is also fantastic.

I pretty much followed the recipe for miso-curry delicata squash, except that I used a zucchini instead of delicata squash. Nothing against delicata, I just really love zucchinis.

Tiny little potatoes, baked tofu, red curry paste, miso, kale, pumpkin seeds … some of the most delicious ingredients together in one bowl. And it came together so quickly! I’m obsessed. I’m making this again. Maybe I will actually use a delicata squash next time. I’ll keep you posted!

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