Bowl of Cauliflower

Happy Sunday, everyone! Take a look at this:

That is something called Orzilla and the recipe is from the PPK blog. It’s called that because it destroys cities. I like how she thinks! I made it with this box of spelt orzo that I’ve had around for a while, plus spinach and sundried tomatoes and tempeh. I did change things a little by using fennel seed instead of anise, because buying every single spice called for in a recipe is a little tough on the old bank account.

I was willing to shell out for two different kinds of olives for the paella recipe on the cover of the latest Vegetarian Times. Not pictured — I took only three or four of the most horrendously blurry photos ever. Go back in time, purchase last month’s Vegetarian Times, and take a look for yourself that way. It was as good as it looks, and that is to say magnificent.

I just made kind of a strange little bowl with French lentils, roasted cauliflower, brown rice, and kale. I just adore cauliflower.

I threw some of the extra green olives and parsley from the paella, and some pumpkin seeds in with the kale.

Weirdly, innocuous-seeming parsley kind of overpowered, but I loved the olives and pumpkin seeds. I pretty much always love pumpkin seeds.

That red stuff is super tasty Romesco sauce that I made for something else. I will tell you all about that next week!

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