Fuzzy pesto & Romesco sauce’s intended use

Today was such a beautiful day here in Charlotte. Before I made dinner I walked to the grocery store in flip flops and just enjoyed the sun. I may regret saying this, but those groundhogs were wrong; I’m declaring an official end to winter.

Remember last week how I told you about that Romesco sauce? Here it is in action:

I’ve made almost this exact thing before only with quinoa instead of rice. I find I’m super satisfied with a dish any time rice hits a frying pan.

Tonight I made this crazy pesto. I didn’t have much edamame or many almonds, so I went halvsies. I also threw some cilantro in because once you start doing that, you just can’t stop. I ate it with roasted green beans and sauteed chick peas and onions.

It looks a little fuzzy in real life, not just the picture. I also made these amazing soba noodles.

OK but more exciting than any of that, this weekend my parents were here in Charlotte and we went to Fern, a delicious and inventive vegetarian restaurant in Plaza-Midwood. You should come to Charlotte for the sole reason of going there with me.

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