Frying potatoes

I finally figured out frying potatoes. This is thanks to a Veganomicon recipe – naturally something so huge would be from that cookbook. This may not seem very revolutionary, and you may even think that it’s obvious, but get this: boil them first! I am having one of those moments that teachers love to watch in their students, where I get something at last. “OH!”

Armed with new information about potato frying, I made a tempeh hash with potatoes and onions. I used to make this all the time, and now it’s back and actually much better than ever.

I love potatoes and I love tempeh.

This is what I’m eating right now.

Let’s be honest. Tacos and burritos are delicious but the stuff always falls out. It’s not worth the trouble, in my opinion, so I put everything straight into a bowl. That’s zucchini and onions, and fresh guacamole, and roasted tomato salsa, and cilantro. The blur in the top corner is Stanley.

Next Sunday I’m going to be in Portland visiting my grandmother and various other family members, then I’m going to Seattle to see my sister. I did some research on vegetarian restaurants in Portland and oh my goodness there are SO MANY! I’m super excited for my trip and I will blog all about it.

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