Cooking with Grandma [spring break part 1]

Hello everyone! I have just returned from my spring-break voyaging in the pacific northwest. Tomorrow is business as usual, but I have time right now to update you on the part of my trip I spent in Vancouver, Washington, with my grandma.

I felt right at home in her kitchen stocked with plenty of spinach and other leafy greens, cilantro, quinoa, rice, peanut butter, and oatmeal. She even took me to the store and let me cook tempeh, which I have to say took me, as a vegan, a while to appreciate.

The long skinny rods of vegetable are sauteed jicama, grandma’s innovation. So yummy with olive oil and cilantro and garlic! I’m also smitten with that rice, which is Bob’s Red Mill Country Rice Blend. I’m not awesome at making rice, but when I made this the texture was perfect, so it’s clearly just the product. I also discovered that their 10 Grain Breakfast Cereal is delicious, possibly even more delicious than oatmeal : 0

I’ll be back soon to talk about Seattle – such a great spring break!

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