After spending some time at Grandma’s, I took the train to Seattle to see my sister, a UW student. Seattle was an incredible place in my book because it was full of coffee, Thai food, and vegan baked goods. What more could you want, really?

The first morning I was there I took the bus to The Flying Apron. It’s a vegan and gluten free bakery with a really comfortable atmosphere and delicious coffee. The first morning I got a cinnamon roll, because after all the times I’ve made cinnamon rolls at camp, it’s the most luxurious-seeming breakfast food for me. I also got an almond milk latte, because I don’t usually have the opportunity. The next day Emily had a later class, so she came with, and she was able to eat a soy-free lemon poppyseed muffin, which was delicious, by the way. I love this place so much and I am going to be back next time I am in Seattle, mark my words. 

The second afternoon Emily and I and her friend Analisa went to Ballard. We went into this toy store where Emily got a book of tree stencils, and this other store where I got some sweet dangly earrings, and most importantly, into Cupcakes Royale, which had a delicious vegan cupcake. Emily and Analisa split a tiramisu and a salted caramel cupcake, which apparently were really good.

That night I got Thai food with Bridget, yum. We went to Araya’s Place, which is delicious and vegan, but there is Asian food everywhere in Seattle – it’s as ubiquitous as coffee – which is awesome.

My last morning I went to Mighty-O Donut in Wallingford – I had to transfer busses! I felt like a true native, minus the fact that I was doing some serious vegan food tourism. This is a totally vegan donut shop, and a really relaxing place to do practice verbal GRE tests. I heard these two little kids and their moms being given a tour – I want to go on a tour! I ate two donuts, each more delicious than the last.

Then just before we had to leave for the airport we went to this coffee place on Capitol Hill, Espresso Vivace. The variety and deliciousness of their vegan baked goods was UNREAL. I can’t even describe what I ordered, but it had some type of cream-cheese situation going on, and a fudgy chocolate layer, and a cakey part. I haven’t had a dessert that good since going vegan, I am sure of it.

I already miss Seattle = ( BUT I will be back = )

Next week I’ll be back in West Virginia for Opening Weekend! This is symbolic of springtime for me, and I love springtime. I promise to take pictures – the only picture I took in Seattle was of a toy dog in Ballard that looked like Albi.

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