DC part two, Alexandria Edition

Yesterday I got back from a second trip to DC. This time I had an interview at a school in Alexandria, hooray job prospects.

Abbey and I did go back to Big Bear Cafe and I got the exact same breakfast as last time, because life isn’t actually that short.

Before that I got lunch with Cynthia at Sticky Fingers, which is one of those awesome but overwhelming places where EVERYTHING IS VEGAN. It’s in Columbia Heights, conveniently located by the metro stop. I had been there before during a really unpleasant weekend, and the cookie I had so brightened my gloomy mood that I was excited to try their actual food. I got a tempeh bacon sandwich because tempeh bacon challenges me and I always jump at the chance to have someone else prepare it for me. Plus a cupcake.


This was a blueberry lemonade cupcake and it had ACTUAL BLUEBERRIES in it. So good, so adorable. I love cities with plethoras of vegan baked goods.

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