Nothing quite says summer like peaches. No, not the explicit Canadian electronic music artist (although she has played a pretty key role in my last few summers. I know what you’re thinking – Huh? What?). Actually, I’m talking about these:


I have nothing structured to do until I move, which I will admit has been challenging. But it does mean I have time for baking things. With peaches.

I am very attached to my Google reader. I have things sorted into categories, and then there are my tags, which can get pretty specific. For instance, I found this Joy the Baker nectarine cobbler recipe tagged under “stone fruit.” 

Clearly I had to make some adjustments. I went with peaches because they’re harbingers of summer, true, but also they were on sale at Harris Teeter. The recipe also has really specific instructions about browning butter which I straight up ignored because I don’t do butter. I subbed in applesauce and a little canola oil. The change in texture made some of the peaches embed in the batter, but I was OK with it.


So delicious! And so sticky.

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