Summer Means Salads

In one of the two US history classes I took in High School I remember learning that Washington, DC was constructed on a swamp. As a result, the heat and humidity in our nation’s capitol is constantly oppressive – at least in my experience [I’ve lived here 3 days now]. Plus this summer has been especially hot everywhere. I just read we’ve tied a record for the most consecutive over-95 degree days.

Relevantly, hot weather makes me want to eat salad and salad alone. The idea of heating too much of my food over a stove or — even worse — putting anything in an oven seems awful. So I made quinoa salad!

Much like pesto, quinoa salad is not that serious. This time I put in cherry tomatoes, parsley, and Persian cucumbers for kind of a tabbouleh-like feel, but I also happened to have red cabbage, so that went in. I foresee more salads in the future.

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