Veganized Russian Mac

The original Moosewood has this recipe called Whole Wheat Macaroni~Russian Style that my mom used to make. It is hella not-vegan, but also delicious, so I went to Whole Foods to buy some fake cheese. You all saddened me when you didn’t text me at the time, too, because I was very excited about telling someone “I’m at Whole Foods buying fake cheese.”

Anyway, my vegan version is not very beautiful, but I was surprised by how well it turned out. I mean, this stuff was good, though!

I followed the recipe sort of. I did not have caraway seeds [which are spelled “carraway” in the cookbook, awesome]. When I Googled that spice, the second thing to pop up was the Wikipedia page for The Great Gatsby which I am currently reading (because Nick Caraway). More relevantly, the first was the page for Caraway, and it said it was also known as “meridian fennel” or “Persian cumin.” So I subbed in cumin and fennel seeds.

I used a tub of Tofutti sour cream instead of the genuine article, Daiya cheddar, and a block of mashed tofu for the cottage cheese.

Also, I’m slightly considering a new project and I will let you know if it comes to light.

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