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Hi everyone! I cooked delicious things again. I’m always doing that. Here is my version of the eggplant and black eyed pea curry from the PPK blog. I just love everything about that blog! I made it with chick peas … Continue reading

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Pizza Night!

First session pizza night 2011 was a smashing success! Katie and I made 28 pizzas, which is just under half a pizza per capita. It ended up being a very appropriate amount of food for our crowd. Like last year, … Continue reading

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Greetings from Mason, Ohio

I’m in Ohio. Enough said. While I was still in Ann Arbor, I made a delicious stir fry with all the leftover veggies on my refrigerator shelf. This was made using West Soy tempeh, which I have to say is … Continue reading

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Pizza, banana bread, and other carbs from the oven

Exciting new upgrade time! Instead of taking pictures of my food, I’m playing to my strengths and doodling it instead. I doodle a lot in my everyday life. This type of thing covers my planner, the margins of all of … Continue reading

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Cute food: Alphabet soup and star-shaped biscuits

My day was made this morning! I got really excited about the star-shaped biscuits I was making for breakfast, and one of the campers saw them and exclaimed, “they’re star shaped!” In fact, they all reacted appropriately excitedly. I was … Continue reading

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So, as I mentioned earlier, tonight was pizza night. To cater to the kids’ tastes, we made 5 cheese pizzas: … and four pepperoni pizzas: We made some more exciting ones, too, like one with pineapple, and a vegetable one … Continue reading

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Pizza eve disaster!

OH MAN. Chicken strips seemed like a good idea, but they just did not happen at all. There aren’t any pictures because they are really ugly. When I took them out of the oven, they looked like they just had … Continue reading

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pizza night!

I was about to apologize for leaving the blog for so long, but it’s only been two days … time passes so weirdly here and the first week of the session feels like an eternity. I haven’t been taking any … Continue reading

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