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Miso-Glazed Tempeh

There is something – lots of somethings – about Bon Appétit that just makes me want to veganize all of their recipes. Their food styling is beautiful, and their style is gourmet yet approachable. It’s not food just for vegetarians or vegans, … Continue reading

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DC part two, Alexandria Edition

Yesterday I got back from a second trip to DC. This time I had an interview at a school in Alexandria, hooray job prospects. Abbey and I did go back to Big Bear Cafe and I got the exact same … Continue reading

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Cooking with Grandma [spring break part 1]

Hello everyone! I have just returned from my spring-break voyaging in the pacific northwest. Tomorrow is business as usual, but I have time right now to update you on the part of my trip I spent in Vancouver, Washington, with … Continue reading

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Frying potatoes

I finally figured out frying potatoes. This is thanks to a Veganomicon recipe – naturally something so huge would be from that cookbook. This may not seem very revolutionary, and you may even think that it’s obvious, but get this: … Continue reading

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Bowl of Cauliflower

Happy Sunday, everyone! Take a look at this: That is something called Orzilla and the recipe is from the PPK blog. It’s called that because it destroys cities. I like how she thinks! I made it with this box of … Continue reading

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Penne — lots!

Hello all. This week I went through 1.25 packages of penne. WORTH IT. First, I made Pumpkin Baked Ziti from Veganomicon. What an excellent idea! And it came out really well, too. I used tofu ricotta instead of cashew ricotta … Continue reading

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My life is crazy

022 Continue reading

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Cooking Ahead!

OK, best idea ever. I have no time or desire to cook during the week, typically. I get so busy and tired. So I cooked two things last night, and one tonight, so that I can have leftovers. Last night … Continue reading

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Greetings from Mason, Ohio

I’m in Ohio. Enough said. While I was still in Ann Arbor, I made a delicious stir fry with all the leftover veggies on my refrigerator shelf. This was made using West Soy tempeh, which I have to say is … Continue reading

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